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Archive information on the 2010/11 Season
The BFSFA honours list for the 2010/11 Season

Off work today and I was just reflecting on the recent success of Fylde Coast football over the last couple of years.  Fortunately, young James and I were often in the right place at the right time to see it.  Check out the attached videos for inspiration if you're on the brink of glory.

Many thanks to Steve Walsh for sending us the final league tables from twenty seasons ago.  It makes you realise how the popularity of Sunday football has diminished over the years.

After some 966 games played this season in the BFSFA, who has been judged to have been 'The Fairest Of Them All'? Just as important, which teams have been the most likely to spit their dummies out, act like spoilt children, abuse referees and generally embarrass themselves this season?
At last -The Official BFSFA Top Scorer Charts - kindly provided by Registration Secretary Dennis Peters.  Overall Top Scorer is Ric Seear (West Coast Tackle Postal), being congratulated left by two of his WAGS.
The BFSFA honours list for the 2009/10 Season
Courtesy of the BFSFA committee here is the Divisional structure for the new season.  Two weeks until the big kick off and typical Sunday football weather has made an early appearance.
With the new season almost upon us, and everyone connected with the BFSFA almost as excited as a City fan, here is the list of teams competing in the League for Season 09/10.
Archive information on the 2008/09 Season
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