Sportspy Reports 2009/10

Wednesday and Thursday witnessed the first midweek programme of the new season with matches taking place across Divisions 1, 2 and 3. Courtesy of the BFSFA committee, here are the provisional results.  The league tables have been updated.

Mick Divaney - RIP

Popular Bispham Hotel landlord Mick Divaney died suddenly two years ago at the age of 57 after contracting Legionella whilst on a break in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt with his wife Sue. Each year since then players with a connection to the popular Bispham pub get together to play a football match in his memory.  The game was played this morning and Fyldesport were invited to attend.  Here are a few pictures from the first half.

Here's the usual end of season article containing a wide variety of topics.  I wasn't going to write it this time around as it's pretty much the same old rubbish every year but people are already starting to ask questions such as, 'How do I enter a new team?' and 'What Division will we be in?'  Enjoy the break and put your feet up.

Archive information on the 2009/10 Season
Thursday 20th May, Layton Institute. Forget the Oscars, the BIBAS, the BAFTAS, the 'What will Ant n Dec Win This Year TV Awards, and even (at the risk of upsetting one's wag), the Soap Awards. This was the big one -The BFSFA Presentation Night 2010.

Well, what a fantastic day.  It wasn't a dream, it really happened, and Blackpool FC will be playing Premier Division football next season.  Whether you were fortunate enough to be at the game or watched it in a pub somewhere I'm sure you all have your own memories of the day.  These are ours to share, difficult to describe in words but the photo's and video will hopefully paint a picture.  If you'd like to add your photo's to this article just E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    If you see any picture that you would like us to remove (Not you Cardiff fans) then just E-mail us and they will be deleted.

The weather finally played its part at Cottam Hall this evening where a big crowd watched on in the warm Spring sunshine as Poulton SFC and Quilligans FC fought it out for the Premier Division title.  A point would have been enough for Quilligans FC.  Final tables now updated on the sister site.

Three games tonight at Boundary Park, Commonedge Road and Blackpool Road, St Annes.  Two league titles were finally decided.  The tables on the sister site have been updated as has the Honour's Board.

Here's this weeks results round up, courtesy of BFSFA committee man Frank Kennedy.
At the idyllic setting of Wrea Green today to take in the league match between Wrea Green FC and Poulton SFC. Poulton had to win to keep their Prem title hopes alive.
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