Sportspy Reports 2007/08

On the whole we've seen a decent adult debate on the Blackpool MechanicsFC/Northern Care FC situation.  As long as it continues in that way we'll let it run.  Someone asked the club to respond to the stories and give their view so here's Tommy Baldwin's reply.  Members may post comments but they will be moderated.  (Mech's manager Stuart Parker pictured).

You just can't beat watching cricket on an English summer's day whilst knocking back a couple of pints of cider.  Out watching the first twenty overs of South Shore Cricket Club's 2nd XI Cup match against visitors Great Eccleston.  For anyone who is interested here are a few pictures from the match. 
A bit gusty this afternoon on Commonedge but at least it wasn't in the football season.  In the latest of our 'Presentation night' features it was the turn of the Alliance runner's up Layton Institute FC to celebrate a great season.
An end of season article containing a wide variety of topics.  A number of 'frequently asked questions' are addressed such as 'How do I enter a new team?' and 'What Division will we be in?'  There's also news on 'Rumourmonger', availability of summer pitches and club websites. 
Working up a good hangover at the Layton Institute watching the presentation of awards for the 2007/08 BFSFA season.  A wise move taking today off.
Photographs from Elswick and Boundary Park where the last three matches of the 2007/08 season were taking place.  Two sides needed a win in order to finish runners up and another needed three points to win a Divisional title.  Would they get them?
At Bloomfield Road, the home of Blackpool FC, watching the 41st Gledhill Cup final between holders Quilligans FC and fellow Premier Division side Hydronics FC.  Quilligans were looking to lift the trophy for the fourth season in a row.  Could they manage it?

Extra!! To access over 120 additional pictures taken by Blackpool FC photographer Phil Heywood click here.

FC Eden spent their afternoon in agony having their parts waxed rather than a celebratory  lap dance with the scantily clad girls.  This was to raise monies for their pal Ryan Neale to help bring him home from Thailand in an air ambulance  (Wont say what they got up to later!!)  Here's a few pictures of body hair sacrifice.
The first visit for to Ballam Road, Lytham to watch the important Division 2A encounter between Visualise North FC and ward Heating FC.  With two games each left to play they were only separated at the top of the table by goal difference.  It couldn't be closer.
Collins Park, Blackpool was the venue for Fyldesport Vets FC's first ever game against Tiger Vets FC from Kent.  The visitors arrived on Thursday.  Two days of golf followed by two extremely late nights of debauchery had hopefully softened them up for our representative side of 'Over 35' Sunday morning footballers and officials.
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